Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why Should I Stay at the Conference Headquarter Hotels?

Save yourself the trouble of searching for a lower rate! PPA's already done the work and negotiated discounted rates for you during Imaging USA. We have a guaranteed block of rooms already booked, so be sure you tell the hotel you're part of Imaging USA to get these great rates!

Plus, most everyone prefers to be where the action is, right?! By staying at the Imaging USA hotels, you'll save money, have an incredibly short walk to the conference, and best of all, you'll have a better opportunity to network with your photography friends and remain at the center of all of the activities. That's why you're going to Phoenix after all, isn't it?

Besides, even if you find a cheaper hotel option, when you factor in time and travel fees associated with hotels further away (let's not even get started on parking fees), you may not benefit as much financially as you had planned. So why miss out on the action?

Imaging USA is truly made and organized for you. Make the best of this experience and stay at a host hotel!

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