Bill Champion

Pre-Convention Class

Bill Champion

Bill Champion, production manager, photographer and studio owner, has seen it all! Over the course of his career, he's been instrumental in providing photography services to over 700 schools across the country and has photographed more than 250,000 heads in sports photography! Back in the film days, Bill ran a portrait studio and lab, and then weathered the digital transition by moving into high volume school and sports photography. Today, he's the Marketing Manager and Technical Adviser for Champion Digital Design and also provides consulting services to school and sports photography companies across North America. Known for creating turnkey solutions for high volume studios as well as an expert in creating efficient and profitable workflow and production processes, Bill Champion is a much sought after teacher, lecturer and consultant. He’s not only known and highly respected throughout the industry but also garners sponsorship and support from corporate leaders like Noritsu Corp, Timestone Software and Jalea Technologies, Inc.


Classes taught by Bill

Post Capture Production for High Volume Photographers Saturday, January 7



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