Doug Box

Pre-Convention Class

Doug Box, M. Photog., Cr., CPP

Doug Box is amazing on so many levels. He has managed a successful wedding and portrait business – in three different cities – for over 40 years! He is an excellent photographer, a dynamic speaker and a sought-after educator, selected to teach at 17 national conventions and conferences including PPA and WPPI. Doug has taught in all 50 states as well as many countries, and is the author of six books. He is the past President and current Executive Director of the Texas PPA, and sits on the Board of PPA. Doug is one of only four people to ever earn more than 1,000 PPA merits, ranking the third highest among all of PPA. His love for photography and his passion for teaching shine through every class, webinar and lecture he presents. He has a fun and genuine style that is inspiring, informative and innovative. On hearing Doug present, Jeff Tabit of Eastman Kodak Company once said, "I have not seen such true gratefulness of an audience for a speaker in a long time, witnessed by the long line . . . all waiting to thank, handshake and/or hug Doug [Box]." Doug Box is a true testament to a life and a profession well lived!

URL: http://dougbox.com
Facebook: dougbox
Twitter: dougbox

Classes taught by Doug

The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro (Day 2) Friday, January 6
The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro (Day 1) Thursday, January 5



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