Alicia Adamopoulos


Alicia Adamopoulos

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Alicia Adamopoulos began her love affair with photography at age 12, when her family first put a camera in her hand. Since then, she's never looked back. A Master of Photography with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and an Associate of Photography with WPPI USA, Alicia is known for her award-winning work in a myriad of competitions and categories from wildlife to portraits, landscape to commercial. Perhaps best known for her children and animal portraits, she earned first place in the child portrait category at WPPI and was a finalist for AIPP Pet Photographer of the Year. It's no surprise that Alicia has presented workshops in the US, Australia and abroad or that she has served as a judge for numerous years with AIPP, HIPA and APPI. Highly credentialed and engaging, Alicia Adamopoulos is a much sought after speaker.

Web: http://www.aliciaadamopoulos.com
Facebook: aliciaadamopoulosphoto
Twitter: Alicia_Savvy
Instagram: savvyali

Classes taught by Alicia

Simple and Creative Ways to Work with Children Tuesday, January 10



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