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Colleen Gonsar, Cr.Photog.

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In 1989, Colleen Gonsar started her portrait studio. Fast forward almost three decades later, and Colleen and Company has grown to two locations, many staff members and a myriad of satisfied clients. During her 26 years in the business, she has experienced it all – the highs and lows of the industry, the every-changing competitive landscape, updates in technology and equipment – you name it, she's seen it! Not only has she weathered it all; she's done it successfully and profitably. She not only knows how to put together a solid business – she shares this knowledge with others. Come see the talent, the business skills and the enthusiasm that Colleen brings to the table, and get motivated to do the same!

Web: http://www.colleenandco.com
Facebook: colleen & co portrait studio
Twitter: ColleenCompany

Classes taught by Colleen

Incorporating Volume Work Into Your Portrait Studio Sunday, January 8



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