John Hartman


John Hartman, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, A-ASP,EA-ASP

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John Hartman has owned and operated a successful studio since 1974. How has he done this for over four decades? Because John is first and foremost a photographer, constantly experimenting, testing and researching to not just stay good but to stay relevant. A lecturer for over 30 years, John's passion isn't just photography but sharing education, knowledge and ideas with others in his industry. His list of awards and recognitions is long and distinguished, including Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees, as well as his CPP and the Associate Degree from the American Society of Photographers. In 2010, PPA honored John with the Charles "Bud" Haynes Award, recognizing his service to the industry by encouraging business awareness and practices. As only one of five photographers to receive this award worldwide, it speaks to John's devotion to teaching - not just the concepts and techniques themselves, but the easy implementation and application of these by his students. You just have to talk to one of the many photographers to understand John's influence and success as an educator within the industry.


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