Susan Michal


Susan Michal, M.Photog., Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI

As a touring musician, Susan Michal first picked up a camera and, in that instant, she knew she'd found a new passion. For over 20 years, she has spent her career working as a photographer, respected leader and lecturer in her industry. Her focus has been on families and children and her images have been featured on calendars and greeting cards and in retail stores around the world. However, not one to be pigeonholed, Susan has also pursued fine art photography, specifically floral art, as an extension of her love for nature and fine art landscapes. She has a unique approach combined with an artistic element that leaves her audience wondering if her images are photographs or paintings. Her work has become collectible almost immediately upon release, and she's currently working on her first book, encompassing 150 of her most beautiful and interesting images. Susan holds a Master of Photography degree, and currently serves as the PPA Chairman of the Board. Susan is a brilliant combination of entrepreneur and educator, artist and photographer and a tribute to her industry.

Web: http://susanmichalfineart.com
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Twitter: susanmichal
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