Jennifer Rozenbaum


Jennifer Rozenbaum

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Jen Rozenbaum proudly embraces her femininity, her power and her beauty as a woman – and through her photography, she's allowing other women to embrace theirs! In just seven short years, Jen has established and cultivated a burgeoning clientele in the intimate photography market, and her clients love her for it. She is living proof that you can create your own world if you live fearlessly, think audaciously and act spontaneously. Jen Rozenbaum is a great testimony to the power of photography, but is also a living example of what women can do and be if they only try!

Web: http://www.jenerations.com
Facebook: JenRozenbaum
Twitter: JenRozenbaum
Instagram: JenRozenbaum

Classes taught by Jennifer

Finding Courage in Boudoir (aka The World of Photography According to Coco Chanel) Sunday, January 8



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