Ken Sklute


Ken Sklute, M.Photog.Cr.

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Photographer Ken Sklute has enjoyed a diverse career capturing people, professional sports, architecture, weddings and even landscapes. He began his career in New York, shooting 200 mile per hour racecars, but then branched out into weddings, portraits and other genres. Though he began in New York, he later relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to capture the amazing desert landscape. In the course of his 42-year career, Ken has worked for such prestigious clients as the National Hot Rod Association, the U.S. Army, Sports Illustrated, Oakley, Newsday and Epson. His list of accolades and awards are long and impressive, including 14 Kodak Gallery Awards, the Kodak Gallery Elite Award, the WPPI Grand Award for Weddings and 15 Fuji Masterpiece Awards. Ken is also very involved and dedicated to his industry, working as a Kodak Mentor, an Epson Mentor, an Adobe Influencer, a Delkin ImageMaker and in many other roles. Teacher, advisor, trendsetter, photographer – Ken Sklute really does it all!

Web: http://www.KenSklute.com
Facebook: Ken Sklute Photographic Artist
Twitter: sklooty
Instagram: KenSklute

Classes taught by Ken

Leveraging Landscape to Create Remarkable Wedding & Portrait Images Monday, January 9



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