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Jeff Gump, Cr.Photog.

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Jeff Gump, founder of one of the country's most successful youth sports photography businesses, is perhaps even better known as a speaker and trainer of photographers across the nation. Gump declared himself a professional as a photographer at the age of 15 and today Gump's Sports Photography has shot well over a million young people and is still growing strong from headquarters and staff in Jacksonville, Florida.

As a well-known and sought after speaker, he has traveled over North America and Canada for the past 10 years educating aspiring as well as veteran photographers. He has spoken to both large and small groups for organizations such as PMA-SPAA (Photo Marketing Association), PPA-Imaging (Professional Photographers of America), PMA Canada and many PPA state organizations. One of the reasons for his popularity as a speaker is that, in an industry where secrets are typically well-guarded, Jeff holds nothing back. He shows audiences everything from how to make a winning presentation to how to set up and execute flawlessly on photo day. And perhaps most importantly, he explains how the photographer can keep more money in his pocket instead of paying out too much of it in big commissions.

Jeff has ways of making action photography much more profitable, he shares an impressive array of trade tricks, and he even talks about his resources such as suppliers and bankers. Jeff also reminds us all that customer service is vital. Service and sales are what makes youth sports really fun and really work.


Classes taught by Jeff

Youth Sports: How to Stand out and be Competitive Monday, January 9



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