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Linda Russell

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Since 1990, Linda Russell has been creating memorable images for her clients. In her almost three decades as a professional photographer, she has been at the forefront of her industry, a trendsetter and someone not afraid to take risks. As one of the first to feature documentary-style wedding and portrait work, it's no wonder Linda's work has been featured in prominent publications like Rolling Stone, Town and Country and Martha Stewart – as well as countless posters, greeting cards and books. Linda is also a savvy entrepreneur and as the founder and CEO of MugsyClicks, she has had the joy and opportunity to follow her clients from preschool to high school graduation. Linda and MugsyClicks also have the much-valued support of colleague Jarreau Cross. Jarreau grew up in the photography industry and not only has talent behind the camera but a knack for handling the business end too. His customer service and sales skills, as well as his ability to work with school administrators and other stakeholders, make him invaluable to the studio.   

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Weddings and School Portraits- A Match Made in Heaven Tuesday, January 10



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