Scott Strimple

Scott Strimple

Scott Strimple is a director and an Emmy award winning filmmaker who is most recently known for his diverse expertise and effective style of teaching within the aerial photography and filmmaking arena. He is a Captain and check airman for a major airline with over 25000 hours of flight time and more than 44 years of small unmanned aircraft experience. In addition to being a subject matter expert for "small drone operations", Strimple is actively engaged in the process of defining the pilot certification standards and training requirements that will influence the framework for regulation within the US. In addition to his aerial film work, Scott founded The Drone Flight School teaching aerial cinema and photography workshops across the country and is a senior flight instructor for the Unmanned Vehicle University. Scott's diverse background and experience in aviation, both manned and unmanned fit well with his filmmaking skills and are what defines his reputation as one of the leading authorities in aerial filmmaking and photography.

Classes taught by Scott

Legal and Safe: Know Before You Fly Monday, January 9
Crafting the Aerial Photo / Video Tuesday, January 10



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