Stay Connected with the Imaging USA Mobile App! / Imaging USA Mobile App Tutorial

Use these videos to learn how to use the various functions of the Imaging USA mobile app!


Find out how you can use the networking feature of the Imaging USA app to communicate and arrange meetings with your fellow attendees at Imaging USA!

Mapping and Schedule

This video will teach you how to use the mapping features of the Imaging USA app, as well as how to use the schedule section of the app to find all the great events happening at Imaging USA.

My Event

Watch this video to learn about how to use all the features of the My Event section of the mobile app. Learn how you can build your own schedule, take notes, favorite speakers and more!

News, Information, Social

This video will teach you how you can keep track of all the Imaging USA social media buzz by using the News & Social feature of the app. You'll also learn how you can post to your own Facebook and Twitter accounts through the app! Plus, you'll learn how to find useful info during Imaging USA in the Info section.