“Bridging The Gap” Track at Imaging USA

This class track at Imaging USA will help you better connect with your clients!

Back by popular demand, Bridging the Gap programs will help you focus on the business side of your photography business, with confidence, courage, support, and financial know-how.

  • WHO are Gap Programs for? ALL working photographers who want to grow sustainable businesses!​​
  • WHAT are these Gap Programs about? They focus on WHAT has changed in the industry, HOW to attract the right customers, HOW to overcome business fears, and WHAT it takes to do in-person sales!
  • HOW will Gap Programs help? You'll understand the ever-changing expectations of clients and their needs, all while diving into a success-oriented, entrepreneurial mindset!

There is a gap between you and your clients. Are you ready to bridge it?

Are you ready? Take in a wide range of views on entrepreneurialism from a unique, curated blend of leaders in both photography and the business world. You’ll leave Imaging USA filled with the knowledge you need to have a successful year.


The Psychology of Success: How Your Mindset Will Catapult You Forward or Hold You Back
David Trust

Sifting Through the Noise
Mary Fisk-Taylor

Overcoming Sales Objections Without Fear or Anxiety
Rachel Marten

Finding Your Gr"OOV"e: Developing Your Own Original Voice for Exceptional Results 
Brant Menswar

Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers
Ramon Ray

Great Clients are Made Not Found
Steve Saporito

Life is an Everything Bagel: Everything You Need to Get Everything You Want
Jeffrey Shaw

Reimagine, Recharge, Refresh—Technology Relationship Tools for Photographers
Crystal Washington