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Exhibitor Resources

Every year, Imaging USA presents you with an unmatched opportunity to display your business to a ridiculously large audience. In 2021 we will bring new and unconventional opportunities to reach your clients, and showcase your products and services. And we are working to support your efforts.

Exhibitor Opportunities: Imaging USA 2021 - Right at Home

For more information:

Kristina Unger, CEM
Exhibits Manager
Phone: 404.522.8600 ext. 239
Fax: 404.614.6406


Attendee List Scam Warning

As with many large conferences and trade shows, unauthorized companies are contacting Imaging USA conference attendees and exhibitors claiming to represent Imaging USA offering attendee lists. Under PPA’s privacy policy, Imaging USA and PPA do not share information or make information available for purchase to any third party. Scammers offering to sell these lists often aggregate information based on web crawler or email “scraper” programs searching for the “@” sign in email addresses posted on various websites (including LinkedIn and Facebook). While this is illegal in most countries, it does not prevent scammers from doing so. The best way to prevent yourself from receiving these emails is to protect your information, and if at all possible, do not post your email online. Please do not engage with and/or purchase any list from any company claiming to have use of the Imaging USA database, attendees, or contact information as it puts your and others' contact information at risk. Imaging USA never sells or provides email addresses, yet this may not prevent attendees from receiving these fraudulent “contact lists” emails. We ask you to block these emails and report them as spam.