News from January 2016

Imaging USA 2016 Day Three Recap: The ‘Last Day of Camp’ Blues


by James Yates all images © Alex the Photo GuyI'm trying to stay upbeat but heading home is a bittersweet feeling. Everyone on the floor of the GWCC and Expo today was excited, inspired, and ready...Read more

Imaging USA 2016: Day One: We’re Just Getting Started!


by James Yates***all images © Alex the Photo Guy*** ***except the dogs at the end. You'll see***I can't even. I. Cannot. Even.  If you read my previous post, then you know how much the...Read more

Imaging USA 2016: Here We Go! Pre Convention Round Up


by James Yates***all images © Alex the Photo Guy*** Imaging USA 2016 doesn't officially start until tomorrow but you sure wouldn't know it from the tons of people already enjoying Pre Convention...Read more

Why’s Amy Purdy Speaking at Imaging USA 2016 pt. 4


by James YatesBecause sometimes being an internationally recognized symbol for overcoming adversity just isn't enough and some of you wondered where the connection is, we have been spending the past...Read more