News from June 2018

Improve Your In-Person Sales Technique


Jennifer Lewis has been a professional portrait photographer specializing in high school senior portraits for 10 years. Through her headshots and personality, she’s built an amazing reputation and...Read more

NEW CLASS: How to Boost Event Photos with Chromakey Technology


If you're an event photographer, you know the importance of offering photography that sets you apart from the competition. Chromakey technology allows you to create unique photos on-the-spot that can...Read more

How to Grow a Strong Seniors Photography Business


If you photograph high school seniors, you know the importance of bringing in new clients around graduation every year, but when do you start marketing to these clients? Have you ever considered...Read more

Learn How Technology Will Shape the Future of Photography at Imaging USA 2019


The way that businesses reach their consumers is changing. The old ways like TV commercials, print ads, and radio spots aren’t as reliable as they once were. The consumer base is shifting rapidly...Read more

Learn No-Fail Methods for Successful Family Portraits at Imaging USA 2019


Family/children portraiture is one of the most profitable types of photography, and if you’ve wanted to master it, then you’ll be interested in this no-fail blueprint. Being successful in family...Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Newborn Photography


Join Eden Bao at her Imaging USA 2019 class “Mastering The Foundation of Newborn Photography” to dive deep into everything there is to know about newborn photography. Eden will cover all the...Read more

Learn How to Pose Large Groups Easily at Imaging USA


Posing more than one person at a time can be a nightmare for photographers, since people get distracted, twitchy, and are sometimes bad at following instructions. What is the best way to handle these...Read more

Learn the Secrets of Senior Photography Lighting from the Pros at Imaging USA 2019!


Dan and Alex McClanahan have discovered that mastery of lighting has been the biggest differentiator and job securer in their business. Being able to show a client the back of your camera and drop...Read more