News from July 2018

Learn to Create Children’s Portraits with Authentic Character at Imaging USA


Are you eager to learn how to create a distinguishable look and style in your portraiture? If so, you definitely want to attend this Imaging USA class!Pete Rezac, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, will help you...Read more

Take Calculated Risks and Thrive in Your Photography Business! An Imaging USA Class


Want to create a record-smashing, buzzworthy business positioned to deliver the income of your dreams? Then get ready to dance with risk in this Imaging USA class!From Blakely to Branson,...Read more

Finding Your Remarkability Factor and Purpose as a Photographer


“I came home from Imaging USA with my soul rejuvenated. I was finally on my remarkable path. A road that no one could possibly repeat or compete with because it was my life, my experiences and my...Read more

Learn the Ins and Outs of Food Photography at Imaging USA


Have you ever seen amazing, delicious-looking images of food in ads that make your mouth water? Would you like to learn how to take them? Come learn the ins and out of food photography at Imaging USA...Read more

Stop Sabotaging Your Portrait Sales! Learn How at Imaging USA


If your portrait sales are lower than you’d like, you might be sabotaging them without even knowing it. At Imaging USA 2019, you can learn two different perspectives on the game-changing mind...Read more

How to Create a Framework for a Successful Photography Business


Wouldn't it be great to have another successful photographer show you the frameworks and systems that have led to a strong business? If that grabbed your attention, you won't want to miss Pye Jirsa's...Read more

How to Get Great Sales: New Imaging USA Class


If you feel like you could improve your photography sales, you won't want to miss Dorie Howell's and Rachel Boer's Imaging USA 2019 class in Atlanta!During "The Four Parts of a Great Sale", Dorie...Read more

How To Increase Your Profits | Mini sessions at Imaging USA


Do you feel that your photography profits are decreasing? If so, have you ever considered offering mini sessions? Imaging USA instructors Phillip and Eileen Blume added mini sessions to their...Read more

Dive Deep into Clone Painting at Imaging USA


Did you know a secret weapon to untapped, sophisticated brushwork exists within Photoshop? YES, clone painting is possible in Photoshop! Say goodbye to hours of hand-painting lace dresses and bridal...Read more

You Need This Two-Day Business Intensive Workshop for Portrait Photographers


Are you ready to make 2019 the year your photography business takes off? Join industry speakers Lindsay Betz, Timothy Walden, and Scott Kurkian for a two-day, pre-convention session at Imaging USA...Read more