News from November 2018

Did You Know You Can Become Certified At Imaging USA?


Do you have a goal to earn your CPP? Imaging USA is an excellent place to learn more about the program, its benefits, and dive deep into it! The Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) program...Read more

Learn to Capture Contemporary Family Portraits at Imaging USA!


Bored with outdoor family portraits? Looking to go beyond typical setups and create something different to offer your clients? If so, Michele Celentano's Imaging USA class called "Contemporary Family...Read more

Learn How to Make a Living as a Fine Art Photographer at Imaging USA


Are you interested in becoming a fine art photographer? It is definitely possible to carve a living (and a life) out of this niche; it just takes some know-how. That's exactly what you'll learn in...Read more

Master Wedding Day Workflow by Keeping it Simple


Designing the right wedding day workflow is more than just a way to stay sane – it allows photographers to create more time and space to shoot what you want, not just what you can get. Robert Evans...Read more

Learn How to Attract Only the Right Clients at Imaging USA 2019


Have you ever noticed that the clients you jump through hoops for are often the least profitable? Typically you gain more from the clients that are the easiest to work with, so why not focus on...Read more

Learn How to Sell Digital Files Profitably at Imaging USA


Want to give your clients digital files, but want to do so profitably? While digitals may not be as lucrative as printed photography, clients definitely want access to digital files to share on...Read more

In Your Face! Demo Classes Available at Imaging USA


Are you looking to take in some live demonstrations at Imaging USA? The Demo classes are guaranteed to give you a jolt of inspiration as you witness top instructors working live, in front of...Read more

Learn How to Light High School Portraits and Stand Out From the Crowd at Imaging USA


Skilled lighting is what sets a talented pro photographer apart from the masses. If you want to build the lighting skills that will take your high school senior photography up a notch, check out...Read more

Imaging USA Classes that Improve Your School, Sport, and Event Photography!


Imaging USA 2019 is just around the corner! This amazing photography convention offers a wide array of classes covering all sorts of topics pertaining to photography!In order for you to get the...Read more

Are you Sabotaging Your Portrait Sales? Learn How to Stop at Imaging USA


If your portrait sales are lower than you'd like, you might be sabotaging them without even knowing it. At Imaging USA 2019, you can learn two different perspectives on the game-changing mind shifts...Read more