Are You Looking For A Commercial Photography Track At Imaging USA 2020? Look No Further! These Sessi


Are You Looking For A Commercial Photography Track At Imaging USA 2020? Look No Further! These Sessi

Imaging USA is barely two months away and we are so excited to see all of you in Nashville! The convention has valuable education opportunities for photographers of any and every subject. Do you specialize in real estate photography? Drone work? Nature photography? Commercial photographers have a wide variety of choices to make when it comes to the classes they can attend at Imaging USA 2020.

One of the best places to focus your convention energy is on building up your techniques for lighting and editing. Seth Miranda leads a pre-con class all about “Off-Camera Flash” on January 18th. You can’t always get the lighting you want and no matter what your subject is, you don’t have all day to chase down the ideal lighting. Miranda’s workshop will teach you how to create the lighting that you want instead of working with less than ideal light settings.

Learning how to make lighting work for you is important for any photographer whether you work in a studio or specialize in commercial work. Ian Spanier’s class “Environmental Portraiture: Learning How to Use Light to Make Images—Not Just Take Them” taking place on January 19th will lead you in creating images that tell a story.  You’ll discover your story-telling style by developing your photography style. Spanier is a Westcott “Top Pro” who will give you the tips and tricks you need to grow as a photographer.

Since we’re talking about developing your photography style, Judy Host M. Photog. Cr. has a great class on January 20th on “Branding Your Creative Style”. This session will help you focus you on finding your passion or learning how to work further with photographing what you love. Creativity spans across all subjects of photography. All professional photographers are artists at heart, so Judy’s presentation won’t be lost on commercial photographers. She’ll help you define your worth, and find your passion in your subjects.

If your preferred method of photography is aerial then you’re in luck! Have some fun soaring the skies with Kevin Hudson’s pre-con class “Drone Stuff for Fun and Money” on January 18th. During this class, you’ll learn how to make money with your drone, get the basics on FAA regulations, play around with custom camera settings, and learn advanced moves used in cinematic and commercial footage. This pre-con class is very user-friendly if you are new to drone photography and want a breakdown of the basics.

The important thing to remember as well is that just because a pre-con class or speaker presentation may be geared towards portrait photography, doesn’t mean you can’t use the session to your own advantage as a commercial photographer. A prime example is Eric Floeberg’s presentation “Getting into Wedding Filmmaking” on January 19th.  This session focuses on finding your place in the market and building a voice in storytelling. If you’re just getting into commercial videography or you want to refine the message behind your videography, then this course is definitely worth your while.

We certainly hope that these are helpful suggestions when planning your Imaging USA 2020 experience as a commercial photographer! Please refer to the Imaging USA schedule to see tons more scheduled speakers on technique, lighting, and PPA’s Bridging the Gap program.  

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