Bridging the Gap in 2019: Imaging USA Recap Day Three



We've officially come to the close of another amazing Imaging USA. PPA's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia might be getting the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks, but Imaging USA is the much bigger event (just kidding, calm down Patriots fans) and over 10,000 of you overtook downtown Atlanta for the last three days. 


Bridging the Gap. Bridging the Gap. Bridging the Gap. It was the buzzphrase that was on everyone's lips all week. The Board of Directors and leadership of PPA are ecstatic that so many of you are fully realizing and implementing the potential you have as small business owners...and we are all only going to get stronger in the days and months ahead as PPA continues to release new, fresh Bridging the Gap content!

Those dedicated, early-morning types (who will all bridge the gap before the rest of us) took in a session on the truth about what consumers think, unveiling the first round of results from PPA's Nielsen Survey on Consumer Habits. This was really eye-opening stuff, packed with info that we're only just beginning to comb through and decipher, but is definitely making a difference in the way we view our work and communicate with our clients. 

The trade show wrapped up today, and even on day three, there were lines down the aisles of eager shoppers waiting to get their hands on the latest products. We heard time and time again from exhibitors that you all were asking a LOT of questions about how your products would fit in with and elevate your businesses. Again, taking the time to really think as small business owners and bridge that gap. 

Judi Holler closed us out with our first ever Closing Keynote! Her advice is based on her years of experience as an improv comedian and actor at famed Second City in Chicago. The collaborative nature of improv, where everyone on stage is working together to problem-solve, is also what creatives do all day anyway. Judi wanted everyone to leave with a toolbox to think differently, manage self-doubt and realize the power of being uncomfortable. Her whole vibe is about making space for your fear (because it's not going anywhere!) and admitting that NONE OF US KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING. Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination...these are all the ways fear shows up to the party. Just decide to "make fear your homeboy" and bravery will allow you to do really amazing things. 

Stay tuned all year long for more content because, as you know, Imaging USA's education lasts all year. By the 2020 show, we will all be many steps closer to bridging the gap and seeing the businesses of our dreams take shape!

We all closed the night out with our favorite party spot: the Georgia Aquarium, where we may have danced so hard the Beluga whales felt it! It was another amazing year of Imaging USA. Now let's get out there and make it count!