Create A Schedule for Your Imaging USA Experience to Stay Focused On Your Top Goals and Priorities


Create A Schedule for Your Imaging USA Experience to Stay Focused On Your Top Goals and Priorities

The best thing to do before attending any event is to make a game plan. You’ll only have so much time at Imaging USA 2020, so you’ll need to be strategic to make the most of it. A great way to map out your convention experience is to make your own schedule or magazine geared towards what you’re hoping to get out of your experience.  When you create your personalized schedule, you’re able to effectively plan out your time at the convention.

Are you looking to gain new business marketing skills? Then you should select each pre-con class and speaker presentation that offers advice on marketing and sales from the Imaging USA schedule . Do you want to learn how to improve in a particular type of shoot like school photography, pet portraits, or fine art? There are lots of great speaker sessions geared specifically toward these disciplines! There are so many hands-on sessions and lectures being held that you can’t possibly attend every single one—that’s why it’s your best bet to map out your favorite ones from the Imaging USA website to shape your experience in advance.

Making a schedule always feels like the height of productivity! Making a schedule is one thing, but sticking to it is another entirely. Yes, it’s important to know which sessions you’ll want to attend since most of them take place at the same time. However, don’t be afraid to think on your toes! Many who attend Imaging USA every year feel like they’ve struck inspiration gold. From the numerous classes to the Expo floor product demonstrations, and the International Print Competition display, it’s completely reasonable to change your mind along the way about where you want to be during each day of Imaging USA.

Don’t forget about the Imaging USA Expo floor while making your personal schedule! The Expo offers great opportunities you won’t want to miss during your experience. Are you struggling to raise sales on your print products? PRINT for Success Theater features mini-classes on how to market the value of print products to your customers. Want to get an edge in your submission to the International Print Competition in 2020? Make sure you include your 20-minute session with the IPC mentors in your schedule. You can also review the list of exhibitors for the Expo to get an idea of which vendors you want to visit the most.

Creating your schedule for Imaging USA 2020 is all about determining your priorities, drafting a game plan based on those priorities, and sticking to your goals when you attend the convention! Don’t forget to enjoy your time at the convention, especially if this will be your first Imaging USA.

Don’t forget to register for Imaging USA before November 6th to grab your early bird discount! That’s $50 off of your All-Access Pass!