Enhance Your Skills with the School, Sport, and Event Track at Imaging USA 2018



Imaging USA is almost here and PPA has so much planned for you, including a variety of classes covering as many topics as you can think of!
In order for you to get the most out of your experience in Nashville, we created tracks that you can easily follow if you have an area you specifically want to concentrate on. 
So, if you've got the "what" down but you're still trying to figure out the "how," or you're just looking for the best ways to go about your photography, check out the School, Sport, and Event track!
With this track, you will learn non-complicated but exceptional techniques that will save you time and still keep clients coming. It includes everything from exclusive photography, to mind-opening business tips and tricks, such that no matter your niche, there's a class for you! 
Some of the classes in this track include:
Session Time: January 14, 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Speakers: Neal Freed and Bryan Blanken
Discover how high-volume school photography can change your world! Bryan Blanken and Neal Freed will demonstrate how their business model is transforming school photography in their Washington, DC market and how easy it is for you to apply it to yours. You will discover how to identify the schools that you want and attain these clients. Learn how to create school portraits that both students and parents will love – and purchase! These two are serious photographers and business people who have replaced their wedding business and grown their school photography business to record levels by generating sales at twice the national average. This is your opportunity to do what they do! From sales and management to marketing and market share, you will walk away with specific action items to help you attain, grow and sustain your school photography business.
Session Time: January 16, 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Speaker: Rose Coleman and Nancy Emmerich
Come see this dynamic program where Nancy Emmerich and Rose Coleman will teach you how to photograph cheerleaders. They know the art of making money with this specific sport that is unlike traditional sports and pre-paid packages. Learn lighting, posing, and creating ways to flatter your clients and sell products. Talk specifics of what you will need to work fast and still maintain a high average. Come see why you should be photographing cheerleaders!
Session Time: January 14, 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm
Speaker: Leslie Ann Kitten
Everyone knows the key clients in volume photography: sports, schools, and daycares.  But what lies beyond the packages? Leslie Ann will teach you how she gains traditional volume clients and turns them into hybrid clients - those that photograph like volume and pay like private commissions. Learn how to handle volume with confidence and extreme streamlining, and where to market so that they lead to higher-end volume clients.  
Session Time: January 15, 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Speaker: Jetawn Spivey
There is a hidden power in the simplicity of volume photography. Jetawn Spivey, a 28-year veteran of the volume portraiture business, comes to Imaging USA to guide you through why volume photography can be such a great direction for your business and how to create a successful, money-making program. You’ll learn how to create seasonal programs that will help you, and how to avoid the traditional downturns. But you will also learn how to redefine the perception of volume photography by creating valuable portraits, not just pictures. Jetawn will also walk you through his post-production workflow and image management so you can consistently produce high-quality work. It doesn’t have to be complicated to work and make you successful. Jetawn Spivey will show you why and how in this Volume Portraiture class!
Session Time: January 15, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Speaker: Mark Schoenrock
The School Picture Business seems to be getting more challenging and the path to profitability more difficult. Business owners are asking themselves if it’s possible to improve results and at the same time prepare for change. Has your studio –and have you– done what’s necessary to survive and thrive? If any of this causes you concern, then this is the program for you!  During this class, Mark will give you a model to maximize your performance, create value, and also prepare your business for change. Mark will take you through your business strategy and how this, combined with shared values and your company’s culture, can influence the results you’re currently getting. You’ll come way from this program understanding what you can do as a business owner to shape your staff’s behavior and to support your company’s goals. Mark’s systems solutions and his concept of operational consistency can improve your studio’s performance and efficiency. This session is not just about school photography but about setting your own path to success while creating an experience and a value proposition of which you and your team can be proud.
Session Time: January 16, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Speaker: Eric Miller
This is not a class about lighting, camera settings, or posing techniques. Rather, Eric Miller is here to show you everything you need to run a successful Sports Photo Day. You’ll discuss the all-important element of communication and how to work with your leagues leading up to and on the day of the event. You will learn the how to organize and prepare essential elements for running a successful Photo Day. You’ll explore how to lay out your set up so you can expertly and efficiently run through all your teams and individuals. These Sports Photo days can be a hectic and chaotic experience, leaving everyone frustrated and exhausted. With Eric, you’ll learn how to rise above the rest and how to create an experience that will have your sports leagues coming back season after season.
... and more!
You can find the classes in the School, Sport, and Event track and other tracks in the Imaging USA schedule. Don't forget to register for Imaging USA 2018, January 11-16 in Nashville, TN. We hope to see you there!