Expand Your Photography Skills By Breaking Into School, Sports, and Event Photography.


Expand Your Photography Skills By Breaking Into School, Sports, and Event Photography.

Learn New Strategies For Success From Master Photographers Who Will Bring Your Career To The Next Level!

Have you wanted to break into school and event photography? Whether you want to learn how to create school composites, or you want some key pointers on photographing a charity event, Imaging USA has got you covered. Even if you don’t specialize in school or sports photography, Imaging USA is the perfect opportunity to get involved with a new photography style—you never know, it may become your new favorite thing.

“Between Light and Shadow For Event and Volume Photographers”

This pre-con class led by Tony (Hon. M.Photog. Cr., API) and Mandy Corbell (M. Photog) will teach you the importance of understanding lighting control fully when photographing fast-moving events for school, event, or sports photography. Tony and Mandy will take you through their event photography game plan and help you gain insight into the theories of Light Quality, Light Quantity, and Light Direction. Lighting tools and lighting applications will be discussed in detail so that you’re getting a full understanding of how to control digital capture and how to save yourself hours in post-production with the Corbells’ techniques.

“Breaking Into School Photography!”

The instructor of this pre-con class Matthew Kemmetmueller has a long history with school photography in his studio, and he’s here at Imaging USA to pass along his tips and tricks. This session is focused on how to get into schools that are right for your business, the best way to choose your software and gear, how to automate the retouching process, and so much more.

Kemmetmueller recognizes that breaking into the lucrative realm of school photography can be an uphill battle, which is why he’s providing information on the school photography market to help your business thrive. Whether you’re completely new to school photography, or you’re a seasoned veteran, everyone can benefit from Kemmetmueller’s in-depth pre-con class.

“Volume Sports Photography: Gear, Workflow, and Compositing”

Alison Carlino spent most of her photography career as a wedding and portrait specialist, but she’s here at Imaging USA offering her newfound knowledge of sports photography. Her sports photography client base has grown to 40 schools and leagues in under 3 years. Her speaker session will consist of a lecture and a live demo with an athlete! She’ll discuss bidding to boards, handling coaches before and after booking, setting up the day of the shoot, post-processing, and digital compositing. Carlino hits all the bases, covering everything you’ll need to know to become a master of sports and volume photography.

This will be an unforgettable and incredibly valuable opportunity, especially for avid sports photographers. Attend Carlino’s session to learn what it really takes to be a volume photographer.

“Start-Up: A Step-By-Step Approach to Corporate and Charitable Events and On-Site Printing”

This speaker session taught by Cris Duncan (M. Photog. M. Arist. Cr.,CPP) and Deanna Duncan (M. Photog. Cr.) provides an awesome step-by-step approach to corporate and charity events. This type of photography is different than sports, but a charity event is action-packed in its own way. Cris and Deanna want to teach you how to employ on-site printing and two-day delivery of your images for events. Dive deep into an exploration of four different pricing structures, and walk away from this speaker session with easy lighting set-ups and a clear understanding of the etiquette required for different types of events.

The Duncans will share the way they employ these events to build high-end portrait and commercial clientele and have created a popular brand committed to the community. They pride themselves on holding nothing back and demystifying on-site printing so that high volume photography becomes an easy way to streamline your income.

We hope you’ll check out these speaker sessions at Imaging USA 2020 next week!! Every feature of Imaging USA is designed to help you improve as a photographer and an entrepreneur. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to take your craft to the next level!