Focus on the Business Side of Your Photography Business With “Bridge the Gap” Classes at Imaging USA


Focus on the Business Side of Your Photography Business With “Bridge the Gap” Classes at Imaging USA

The photography industry has changed. Now, more than ever, photographers and consumers need to close the widening gap between the photographers’ desires as artists and the consumers’ needs as clients. The gap has been steadily growing in the shoot-and-burn, digital, and always-faster-processing era.

These changes to the industry cause more and more photographers to overwork themselves for less money without realizing their true value. Luckily, you can put a stop to this widening gap by joining the Bridging the Gap classes at Imaging USA.

Because it’s time! It’s time you take control of your photography career and grow a sustainable business and PPA will be there to help. The “Bridging the Gap” track at Imaging USA, back by overwhelming demand, is designed to teach photographers to move forward in business, with confidence, courage, support and financial know-how. These new classes are for all working photographers who want to grow sustainable businesses, no matter where you are in your career.

Bridge the Gap with Confidence, Courage, Support, and Financial Know-How!

Bridging the Gap programs will focus on:

·         WHAT has changed in the photographic industry

·         HOW to attract the right photography clients

·         HOW to overcome your business fears

·         WHAT it takes to conquer in-person sales

·         WHAT are clients’ expectations and needs

You’ll gain a new success-oriented mindset thanks to programs that are planned to give you a wide range of views on entrepreneurialism, featuring quality speakers from photography-industry insiders to marketing and sales professionals who have never held a camera. This diverse collection of viewpoints has been carefully curated to give you several perspectives on how to succeed in your business and on your terms.  Here are a few examples of these brand new classes coming January 2020:

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Great Clients are Made Not Found with Steve Saporito

The gap is not as wide as you think. You have to create your quality clients if you don’t want to be left behind in this booming industry. Learn the secrets of how to find clients that value you and want to willingly spend on artwork. 

Life is an Everything Bagel: Everything You Need to Get Everything You Want with Jeffrey Shaw

Ups and downs are natural, but does it feel like that’s all your business is...all the time? Learn how to take control of your business and your life with the right mindset and practices. 2020 is a leap year and that’s going to mean in your business, too! 

Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers with Ramon Ray

You have to treat your customers like any relationship...nurture them and help them trust you. Learn how to do that, leading to an improved experience for them and increased sales for you with this three-phase process which helps you attract more customers. 

Be the Black Sheep: How to Stand Out in a Flock of Photographers with Brant Menswar 

Are you the odd one out? Good! Harness that power to stand out among the herd of photographers. This class will take you on a journey of discovery, leaving you ready to use your voice in the new year. 

Overcoming Sales Objections Without Fear or Anxiety with Rachel Marten

We hear all the time how much photographers dread the sales process. Well, if you’re going to build your business you have to gain confidence and cure yourself of the fear-of-sales blues. Learn how to approach objections as "simple questions" and launch your sales to a whole new level.

Sifting Through the Noise with Mary Fisk-Taylor

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the advice and information out there. Find out how to curate the most relevant information to your needs as a working photographer. If you’re ready to shift from info overload to organized, this is for you. 

Reimagine, Recharge, Refresh – Technology Relationship Tools for Photographers with Crystal Washington

How do you stay innovative, embrace technology and also provide white-glove service to your photography clients? In this class, you’ll discover how to do all of those things with social media and app tricks, and ingenious, interactive customer proposals.


You can find more "Bridging the Gap" videos and webinars at! Come enjoy these live, interactive sessions at Imaging USA in Nashville, Tennessee, January 19-21, 2020 for the main conference, and January 16-18 for add-on pre-conference workshops!

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