Get Brave and Start Taking Action with Keynote Speaker Judi Holler


Get Brave and Start Taking Action with Keynote Speaker Judi Holler

Want 2019 to be the year YOU improve your business and bridge the gap between you and your consumers? What better way to get inspired than with Judi Holler, this year’s Imaging USA closing keynote speaker?

Meet Judi Holler
Before starting her own company, Judi Holler worked in the Sales and Marketing department of companies like Marriot, Omni, and Starwood. She’s a 15-year marketing veteran and was elected Connect Magazine’s 40 under 40 in the Hospitality Industry. Holler’s keynote focuses on the importance of personal branding and how to successfully manage any fear that holds you back. She’ll teach you how to stand out from the competition, and ways you can draw inspiration from different types of artists. 

Closing Keynote Program: Fear Is My Homeboy®: How to Get Brave and Start Taking Action
Session Time: Jan 22, 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm
How would you feel if …

  • You could thrive in times of extreme change.
  • You had less emotional reactivity in stressful situations.
  • You could easily separate things you can control from those you cant.
  • You felt more organized and less overwhelmed.
  • You weren’t burdened by a fear of failure.

This interactive session uses the fundamentals of improv theatre to help participants fight fear and get brave, so they can avoid self-destruction and have less emotional reactivity in stressful situations. You hear this all the time: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” … yet, how do we get to the other side of fear? This interactive session will challenge you to re-imagine how you deal with fear + help you put a plan in place to start taking action. Participants will leave this “fear boot camp” with a plan to finally start advancing their goals, personally and/or professionally.

Each participant will receive their very own workbook and will walk step by step through a fear setting exercise that will help them take action and begin to put a plan in place personally and/or professionally to start advancing a dream or goal they have.
Participants will take-a-way the following:

  • An understanding of fear’s greatest hits
  • How to survive (and thrive!) in times of change
  • A 5-Step fear setting framework that will help you take action
  • An understanding of how to overcome and embrace your fear
  • Questions to spark self-reflection
  • A look inside Judi’s personal toolbox for her favorite fear-fighting tools
  • A must-read book list to build self-confidence and stay motivated
  • How to not be burdened by a fear of failure
  • A sneak peek into the world of improv theatre!

Judi Holler Contact Info
Website: judiholler
Facebook: HollaProductions
Instagram: judiholler
Twitter: Judi Holler 

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