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February 17, 2020

If You’re Feeling Nostalgic About Imaging USA, Check Out This Members Recap of the Event

Imaging USA is one of the biggest photography conventions of the year bringing in about 10,000 members annually. These members come from all over the country in search of one thing: the experience of a lifetime at Imaging USA.

 Members like Gabby and Tonya shared just how dedicated they are to attend this convention despite everything that happened on their way to the convention. Some might even call the number of times their plane was delayed on the way to Imaging USA a cruel cosmic joke.

“In the end, we arrived at our hotel room at 12:30 am, approximately 12 hours later than we were supposed to. But finally, we were there and ready to soak it all in!” says Gabby. 

To kick off her first day at Imaging USA, Gabby headed over to Makayla Jade's session.

“Makayla Jade gave me so much inspiration and affirmation in the way I view photography and the power and value of a printed photograph. I walked out of her class with a vision for where I want to take my business and little steps I can take to get there. Seriously you guys, I am so excited to start implementing what I learned from her.”

Following her session with Jade, she visited the first Keynote speaker Jim Kwik who gave her some much needed advice on how to use your brain power to its full potential. After Kwik’s session, she went over to the trade show to see what was in store for her. 

“I stopped by all my favorite vendors, and some new ones too, to get updates on their products and pick some new things to add to my lineup this year!”

Gabby’s work was even able to make a guest appearance on the trade show. 

“I was super stoked over one of my favorite Professional Labs, ACI, using one of my albums for display!”

After the trade show, Gabby headed to a couple more classes on branding and creating an amazing senior experience, but by the end of her first day, it was time for some much-needed dinner. 

She was able to experience a truly southern dinner at a local southern restaurant.

“The Moonshine Bloody Mary and the Shrimp were to die for! So. Good.”

To finish the night, Gabby and Tonya attended the welcome party where they indulged in a few drinks and danced the night away!

What a way to kick off the first day of Imaging USA, Gabby! Thank so much for sharing. To read more on her account of Imaging USA, make sure to head over to her blog!


 If you thought Gabby’s experience was fun, then you don’t want to miss out on your own experience on January 17, 2021 Grapevine, TX for the next Imaging USA!  We can’t wait to see you there and to hear all about your experiences!