Imaging USA 2020 Day 1 Recap!


It's finally here! Imaging USA 2020 officially kicked off with a jam-packed first day. From the early-morning Bridging the Gap classes to the keynote, trade show ribbon-cutting to the evening party... the best and brightest in the world of photography are here mingling, networking, and learning...or as we like to say, it was a chance for them to Connect, Dream, and Grow. 

David Trust, PPA's CEO, kicked things off with his opening address before introducing the amazing brain-power specialist Jim Kwik. David let everyone know, "These next three days are packed!" There's tons of education to be had via classes and workshops on photographic technique, business, and Bridging the Gap between you and consumers. All the information and knowledge PPA is imparting focuses on getting you in the right mindset to be successful this year and into the future. Again, as David said, "2020 is a great time to be a professional photographer." 

Don't forget to show your support for the CASE Act! We've got Just One senator (Wyden) holding the bill up from reaching the Senate floor.   Be sure to check out the Just One campaign on social media and participate to show how much support we have behind the CASE Act!

The trade show opened to huge crowds and so much excitement. All the amazing Imaging USA exhibitors had throngs of people checking out their newest products and taking advantage of show-floor specials and contests. 

** photo credit: Karen Cannon Photography

If you still want to come see what all the fuss is about, grab yourself a FREE EXPO PASS (use the promo code FB20) and get down here to Opryland! There are still 2 days to take in the trade show and all the cool goodies that come along with it (including admission into the closing keynote on Tuesday!). 

Get some rest, and get ready for two more days of everything photography at Imaging USA 2020!