Imaging USA Pre-Con Deep Dive


Imaging USA Pre-Con Deep Dive

Imaging USA Pre-Con Deep Dive

 Dive deep into all that Imaging USA has to offer by taking advantage of these great pre-con amenities!

Pre-Con classes are scheduled between January 16th and January 18th, 2020 and will feature informative content on Photoshop Techniques, CPP Preparation Tips, Portrait Photography—ranging from senior photos to pet photography, and more!

“Business Intensive for Portrait Photographers”

Scott Kurkian, Timothy Walden, Lindsay Betz

Many of the classes available are specifically reserved for PPA members such as the 2-day session “Business Intensive for Portrait Photographers.” During this 2-hour session, you’ll hone in on the business side of your photography and learn the best way to thrive in today’s business landscape. By the end of the session, you’ll learn how to attract the right clients for your business, develop your brand, and sell your brand with confidence.

Day One:

This session will begin with an immersive experience in defining the success that you want your business to achieve through. You’ll leave with the knowledge of an optimal setup and an understanding of profitability and pricing. 

Day Two:

On the second day, you will master the branding of your business and truly getting to know your business identity. Day two will also focus on marketing and sales to turn your passion into a profit.

Discover what this Pre-Con class has to offer Thursday, January 16th-Friday January 17th.

“The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro”

Steve Kozak

This 2-day session will focus on the techniques that you’ll need to master if you plan to be a 24/7 professional photographer. Kozak breaks photography down into three parts for the session focusing on The Fundamentals, The Business, and The Art of Photography. During each session, you’ll go in depth with Kozak on the basics of the business and how to reach success once you decide to go all in on your business.

Learn more about Kozak’s secrets to success January 16th and 17th.

“The Fine Art of Portraiture”

Kristi Elias

Take your creativity to the next level with this session by Kristi Elias. Elias built her brand around her love for fine art and achieved her success by combining her art gallery with her photo studio. This union between two great forms of art proved to be a gold mine for Elias. Her Pre-Con Course is designed to teach you how to work with your imagination while turning a profit.

Elias’ business and marketing skills will create successful sales for your business. Learn to create with confidence as Kristi teaches you her techniques for creating masterpiece portraits. This session will not disappoint.

Dive into Kristi’s art with her session on January 17th.

“Magical Storytelling and Portraits for Children”

Dani Miller

Miller goes beyond the expected in her child portraits. She transforms the setting into a place where the child will feel natural to create the most timeless photography. Move beyond the “cheese” in children’s portraits, and evoke emotion that will turn your portraits into family heirlooms that will be treasured for years to come.

The primary takeaways you should expect from this course are:

1.    Learning how to create setups for child session with minimal cost but showcasing a story.

2.    Connecting with the model for a natural expression and pose.

3.    How to use minimal lighting with ease but still achieving dramatic results which showcase heirloom qualities.

Dive deep into these Pre-Con courses to realize your potential and take advantage of everything that Imaging USA 2020 has to offer today!