Learn How To Close Your Sale and Create Value For Your Portrait Clients With Rachel Marten


Learn How To Close Your Sale and Create Value For Your Portrait Clients With Rachel Marten

Imaging USA speaker Rachel Marten specializes in connecting with clients and helping them lose any indecision on finalizing a sale. She is an expert at transforming any sales objection into a “yes” from your client. Here are two informative videos by Marten discussing her philosophy on creating value for your client to land your sale. 

The first video "Creating Value With Your Clients" provides the tools for you to create value when speaking to your client. Creating value is an important concept tied to explaining the art behind your portraiture to your client and building an emotional connection that will help you get around common sales objections. 

Marten begins this video by encouraging you to think of your customer’s point of reference when they voice objections to the price. Were prices lower when your client’s parent took their senior photos? Do they know someone personally who is a photographer that doesn’t charge nearly your price? Visualizing who your client is, and what they’re saying when they object is vital to landing your sale.

Your client needs to understand that you are an artist and each portrait you create is a unique form of artistic expression. Delve into your typical process and the length of time it takes to create beautiful wall art so that your potential client really develops an understanding of why your wall art is an investment they won’t regret making. 

Putting your process in context for your client shows them that they’re investing in the creation of a beautiful product for their family. Describing your wall portrait as a form of artistic expression creates value for your client and inspires them to invest in your work. 

Marten teaches that every time a client voices an objection, create higher value to focus them away from the expense. When you create value for clients, you’re steering your client away from the idea of hiring the cheapest photographer they can find. 

For her second video "Handling Clients With Spousal Objections", she focuses on clients who can’t make a decision without their spouse present. This is Marten’s least favorite objection because she feels it’s the responsibility of the professional photographer to let the client know multiple times that they will want their spouse present to make the order decision. Marten has even gone so far as to reschedule a client for another meeting just so that the spouse could be present, because for many clients not having a spouse present can be a sales killer.

Marten overcomes this objection by telling the client who is present that their spouse must be giving them the decision-making power if they aren’t there in person. The biggest takeaway is to keep the order moving. Talk to the client who is present and frame the sale as an emotional investment to make. 

Emphasize the importance of having your client’s partner present so that the clients have multiple opportunities to hear your rates and any package deals you may offer. Marten is often able to get around this sales objection when speaking to spouses who are indecisive and by themselves, but it’s your best bet to always emphasize having both partners present.

Rachel Marten of Clark Marten Photography is one of our most exciting speakers coming to Imaging USA 2020! She’ll be leading the speaker session “Overcoming Sales Objections Without Fear or Anxiety” on January 21st from 8:00am-9:30am.

We hope you’ll increase your sales knowledge by watching these videos! Don’t forget to attend Marten’s presentation at Imaging USA 2020 to get more of her advice. Register for Imaging USA right away to gain access to great speaker sessions like Marten’s.