Learn How to Make a Living as a Fine Art Photographer at Imaging USA


Learn How to Make a Living as a Fine Art Photographer at Imaging USA

Are you interested in becoming a fine art photographer? It is definitely possible to carve a living (and a life) out of this niche; it just takes some know-how. That's exactly what you'll learn in Thomas Dodd's pre-con class at Imaging USA 2019!

In "Making a Life and a Living as a Fine Art Photographer", acclaimed photographer and artist Thomas Dodd will dive deep into the process of developing your own artistic style and creating a niche for it. He'll explore the importance of influences and intentions in creating concepts and how to market yourself online and off-line, as well as other facets of the business of fine art photography like how to find, approach, and work with galleries.

If this is a niche that has captured your heart, you'll want to learn the ins-and-outs from Thomas Dodd! His class takes place Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 1:00 - 4:00 pm. Register now!

Meet Thomas Dodd
A visual artist and photographer based in Atlanta, GA, Thomas Dodd has developed a style that he calls painterly photo montage, a method he employs during principal photography and in editing software. He crafts elaborately textured pieces that have a very organic and decidedly non-digital look to them, often featuring mythic and quasi-religious themes that pay homage to Old Master art traditions while at the same time drawing from psychological archetypes that evoke a strong emotional response from the viewer.

Although his artwork resembles paintings, his pieces are entirely photographic in nature, fusing many images into a cohesive whole. His larger works are often presented in a mixed media form that adds a depth and texture that complements the photography beautifully.

Thomas has had numerous exhibitions of his works in many cities in the USA and around the world. He’s had recent shows in New York City, Paris, Mexico City, New Orleans, Tokyo, San Antonio, Seattle, and in his hometown of Atlanta. His photographs have been featured in magazines, on book and album covers, and he frequently teaches workshops and webinars on photo-editing and marketing for artists. Interestingly, Thomas was best known as a musician and harpist in the 1990s and did not start his visual artistry until 2005. Today, his images are basically a visual equivalent of the music he composed, and the results continue to astound and amaze.

Contact Info
Web: thomasdodd.com
Facebook: ThomasDoddPhotography

Thomas Dodd is just one of the many amazing speakers you'll get to meet and learn from at Imaging USA 2019 in Atlanta! Registration is open now at ImagingUSA.org/Register, and be sure to take advantage of the early bird savings for tickets and your hotel room!