Listen To Expert Tips and Tricks At These Pre-Con Classes. Increase Profits and Get More Creative!


Listen To Expert Tips and Tricks At These Pre-Con Classes. Increase Profits and Get More Creative!

Learn The Secrets To The Business Side of Your Photography With These Pre-Con Classes!

Imaging USA 2020 has so many pre-con classes available from January 16- January 18 that you’ll want to start creating your Imaging USA itinerary as soon as possible! These classes are designed to help you get a better grasp on style, camera techniques, and the business end of your photography business.

Here are several pre-con classes to get ready for if you want to refine your entrepreneurial skills. Attend these classes to give yourself more financial freedom to back your passion and creativity as a photographer:

"Business Intensive For Portrait Photographers"

Scott Kurkian, Timothy Walden, and Lindsay Betz

Thurs. January 16th and Fri. January 17th, 9:00am-5:00pm.

This two-day session is exclusively for PPA members and will teach you how to attract the right clients, develop your brand, sell with confidence and compete in today’s business landscape.

Day 1 centers on setting up your business, defining success, and understanding profitability and pricing. Day 2 gets deep into branding, marketing, and skills. This business intensive is highly beneficial for any professional photographer—not just portrait artists.

"Pop-Up Studios—Doing Business By The Numbers"

David Stana: January 18th, 9:00am-12:00pm.

If you’ve wanted to learn how to make some extra cash during the holidays by doing what you love, then Stana has the answer for you. Break into the world of holiday character photo shoots with this pre-con class.

"Secrets to Success in the Home Studio (or No Studio at All)"

Marnie Clagett: January 18th, 9:00am-12:00pm. 

The idea that you need a studio to be a professional photographer is a myth! Clagett is here with this pre-con course to shed some light on this popular misconception with her tips and tricks for encouraging your clients to trust in your work.

Her instruction will focus on running a more efficient home studio and how to transition from a home studio to a retail location. Don’t miss out on this informative pre-con info session!

"Hustle like A Boss—Launch, Grow or Revive Your Portrait Studio"

Linda Long: January 18th, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Speaking of studios...Linda Long is leading a pre-con course that makes running a studio profitable and efficient. This class goes over the techniques of successful mini-sessions, model calls, and social media giveaways. Through these efforts, you’ll be able to market to new clients, establish or re-establish your brand, and build a bigger social media following that will lead to increased income for your business.

Marketing is everything when it comes to turning a profit as a professional photographer! Sign up for this pre-con class today to secure your spot and hustle your way into 2020.

We hope this glimpse into these pre-con classes has you hyped for Imaging USA 2020! Review the Imaging USA schedule to see every course and presentation being offered at the convention.

Register for Imaging USA 2020 as soon as possible if you haven’t already! Remember, your registration is automatically discounted with your PPA membership—don’t lose out on this great opportunity to grow as a photographer.