Make a List and Check it Twice! Here are your Classroom Necessities for Imaging USA!


By Autumn Rice


If you're heading to San Antonio in January, by now you've registered for all of your pre-con classes and scheduled your education-filled days at Imaging USA. But before you run out the door, here are some tips on what to bring to classes to ensure that you're prepared to get the most out of your "Imaging experience" this year!

Check your bag for these few necessities before you head to class:

1. Camera: This is a photographic convention. Of course you need your camera! Some of the classes at Imaging USA 2017 are hands-on and will give you the chance to use the skills you've learned right on your own camera. Bringing your camera is a MUST! Triple check your bag for your camera (and batteries) before you leave!

2. Mobile App: The mobile app is the best way for you to stay on the schedule you set for your days at Imaging USA. It has a special feature that allows you to schedule your days, and stay on time for each class. The app is also easy to use, and there are demo videos to help you master each feature. Make sure to download the official Imaging USA app before you head to San Antonio!

3. Laptop/Tablet: Some Imaging USA classes teach you about programs and editing, and having the program handy would be a good idea. Although laptops are ideal, keep in mind that tablets or smaller, compact items may be easier to carry. Be sure to equip your tablets and laptops with the software and programs you'll need for before you throw it in your bag!

4. Notebook & Pen: There will be a lot of information given in each Imaging USA class, and bringing writing utensil will ensure you're able to take advantage of it! You'll want to write down notes as a reference for future use and projects. Remember to stop by Registration on site to pick up your FREE Imaging USA notebook! And don't forget to throw a couple of pens in your backpack before class; you'll need them!

5. Business Cards: Many of your fellow photographers and vendors will attend class sessions with you, and building business relationships is a great way to find pro-photographer friends that can help you! Building and nurturing a professional network is also great for support, so don't forget to grab enough business cards before you leave!

There you have 'em! These items are your basic necessities for Imaging USA classes, and you don't want to forget them. So before you leave home triple check your bag for these items and you'll be Imaging USA education ready!

Visit to register for the Imaging USA 2017, download the app and register for classes, and we'll see you in January! 

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