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December 21, 2020

Network with Thousands of Fellow Photographers Without Ever Leaving Your Couch! 

Finding like-minded professionals to network with can be challenging. That was true pre-coronavirus, and it’s even more true now. So, when we announced that Imaging USA 2021 would be held entirely online, we knew we needed to find a way to give attendees the chance to connect and chat with each other just like we did in-person. After all, what would the show be without all the lively conversation between classes and after hours?  

Year after year, the energy and excitement of our attendees creates an unforgettable experience for everyone, and next month’s Imaging USA will be no different. Although the show is going virtual this time around, you’ll still have plenty of chances to interact with fellow attendees! Networking opportunities available for you between classes and events include:

  • New Member Lounge - Created specifically for new PPA members, this lounge is the place to chat with other photographers, ask questions, and learn about all the benefits included in your PPA membership. You can access the New Member Lounge from 9am to 5pm EST during the three days of the show, January 17-19. Sponsored by Fundy Designer
  • Certification Lounge - We invite all Certified Photographers to drop into this lounge to network with fellow Certified Photographers. This lounge will be available from 9am to 5pm EST during the three days of the show. 
  • Evening Specialty Lounges - Join us on the evenings of January 17 and 18 for these specialty-specific chats. Lounges each focus on one type of photography including portrait, commercial, fine art, and event photography. These specialty lounges take place on Sunday (6:30pm to 8:30pm) and Monday (5pm to 7pm) evenings during Imaging USA.
  • Bridging the Gap Lounge - Finding ways to meet client expectations and make business moves with confidence is vital to your success. Chat about sales and marketing topics in the Bridging the Gap lounge on Sunday and Monday evenings. Sponsored by H&H Color Lab

In addition to the Lounges, you can build professional connections by visiting the Imaging USA Expo:

  • Virtual Vendor Booths - Take advantage of this unique opportunity to build relationships with vendors who love photography just as much as you do!  Chat live with brand representatives from 9am to 5pm EST during the three days of Imaging USA and learn how they can help your business grow.  
  • PPA Booth - If you’re not already a PPA member, head to our virtual booth in the Imaging USA Expo. There you’ll be able to chat with our staff and learn more about all the great benefits that come with being a member of the largest association for professional photographers. Staff will be available from 9am to 5pm EST during the three days of the show to answer your questions. 


After all the challenges of the past year, there’s no better way to begin 2021 than by connecting with people who want to see you succeed. Grow your professional network and chat 1-on-1 with fellow photography lovers at Imaging USA.

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