New Video! Register for Imaging USA 2019 in Atlanta!


Registration is open for Imaging USA 2019 in Atlanta. It may seem early, but PPA is already in full swing preparing for next year's 150th-birthday celebration! It's the kick-off photography party of the year and it's right in PPA's hometown...just in time for the big 1-5-0! 

For some first-time attendees, the thought of being with more than 10,000 of the industry's greatest professionals at this larger-than-life photography convention can be a little intimidating. Exciting!!!...but intimidating. That feeling is completely normal, and PPA is here to help YOU!

To take away some of your first-time jitters, here's a video overview of what you can expect at Imaging USA 2019:

Whether you're a first-time attendee or a convention expert, we want to see you at the 150th-birthday celebration and Imaging USA in Atlanta, Georgia from January 20-22, 2019. Book your room, sign up for classes, and plan your week at Imaging USA, all at

We'll see you in Atlanta!