Nobody can shoot like you, because nobody is you….Imaging USA 2019 Day One Recap!



Are you ready to learn from the years of practice, trial, and error that your photographic mentors and speakers have been through? Are you ready to learn how to be a successful business person and not just an artist? 


Closing the gap between photographers and consumers is PPA's #1 priority in 2019 and we hope you'll join us on this journey to a more profitable small business.

Now, the BIG NEWS out of the opening ceremony was the appearance and speech by Karyn Temple, the acting Register of Copyrights for the United States. Wow! This marks the first appearance by someone from the Copyright Office at Imaging USA...and she is the top dog! Her support is immeasurable and truly means that we have a major ally on our side in D.C. as the Copyright Office concentrates on the passage of small claims and the modernization of the copyright office. 

After Karyn spoke, PPA's President Stephen Thetford presented her with the gift of PPA's newly released history book. Then, the main man took the stage... Scott Stratten. 

Scott is a marketing guru and the author of the "UN" series of books and programs such as "UNmarketing", "UNselling" and "UNbranding". His presentation was hysterical: equal parts inspirational business talk and self-deprecating stand-up routine. Right off the bat he confused PPA with OPP and informed us that Canadians (his people) have never said the word "sesquicentennial" before (but we got the idea from Canada's 150th celebration two years ago!). 

Scott (shown in the photo with Imaging USA Facebook Live host Booray Perry!) truly captivated the packed audience of thousands as he informed everyone that THEY are their brand. And furthermore, your brand is whatever your client says it is! Scott spoke a lot about the generational differences in the marketplace and how the market gets disrupted, but clarified that disruption is only change without the time to resist it. In the end, he left us remembering that if you are your authentic self as a photographer, you have no competition. Nobody can shoot like you because nobody is you. 

This is just the beginning of a whole slew of programming designed to help you bridge the gap. Stay tuned right here for more recaps and, if you're in Atlanta, there's still time to come join us! You can pick up a badge at registration and at