Photography Isn’t Only About Sticking to One Topic. It’s Time to Discover Your New Photography Niche


Photography Isn’t Only About Sticking to One Topic. It’s Time to Discover Your New Photography Niche

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone at Imaging USA? Just because you’re passionate about a certain type of photography doesn’t mean you have to focus all of your talents on it. It’s time to break out and expand to other areas of photography.

Niche Photography 

This year we will be offering the following classes to help you discover your hidden niche:  

Take Your Dog Photography from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Dog photography has been incredibly popular lately, and it’s time that you get to explore this craft. Almost everyone can take photos of their dog, so why not show off (and  profit off) your skills. Barbra Brietsamer is a pro when it comes to combining your subject, composition, and anticipating when the perfect shot will take place. In this session, she’s going to teach you everything she knows and more so that you can capture out-of-the-box dog portraits. 

If you’re interested in more pet photography courses, make sure to check out Pet Photography: Success In and Out of the Camera Room and Being Creative with Pet Photography.

Boudoir: Back to Basics

Boudoir is about expressing someone’s beauty in their most vulnerable state. Nowadays people have been transforming the genre in their own ways, but you can discover the perfect direction for your own art. If this seems like a good outlet for you to explore, then don’t miss out on this session. Stacie Frazer is going to help you develop fresh and inspirational ideas for your upcoming shoots!
Don’t forget to stop by Artistic Effects of Boudoir Posing to help your clients walk away feeling amazing after their photo session. After these sessions, you’ll have a better idea of where to take your craft.

Drone Stuff for Fun and Money 

If you’re interested in getting the perfect aerial view for your shots, then drone photography could be for you! In this session, Kevin Hudson is going to teach you the basic-to-advanced  drone movement techniques. Hudson will also be covering the advanced camera settings, so you can get the best performance from your drone’s camera at any time of day. After this session, you’ll be on your way to flying a drone in no time! 

Raising the Barre with Dance Photography

This session is your way to break into dance studio portraits! Nancy Tillberg is going to teach you everything from understanding your studio owner or dance mom clients to properly posing individual and group photos. The best part about this session is that you’ll have a dance model that you can practice your photography on! What are you waiting for?! Sign up for this session now! 

Hopefully, you’ve found something that you are interested in from this list. If not, feel free to check out the rest of the Imaging USA schedule for something that could capture your eye. Don’t forget to register for Imaging USA by December 6, to receive $25 off your registration!