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September 11, 2020

Portrait Photography and Business Strategy Training at Imaging USA

Looking to grow as a portrait photographer? We have just the thing! 

Imaging USA 2021 is almost here and PPA has so much planned for you, including a variety of classes covering as many topics as you can think of!

In order for you to get the most out of your experience, we created tracks that you can easily follow if you have an area you specifically want to concentrate on. So if you are mainly interested in learning the necessary techniques and business strategies needed to be successful in portrait photography, the Portrait track is for you! 

In this track, top photographers in the industry will teach you how to creatively capture the essence of an individual and increase your sales while you're at it. You will get tips on workflow, client management, posing, and lighting. Furthermore, you'll learn how tweaks in your process can relate to a big bump in your bottom line!

Some of the classes in this track include:

Saturday, January 16 (Pre-convention) 

Photographing Children Using a Simple Lighting and Posing Concept
Jamie Hayes, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API

The Business of BUMPS--How Dynamic Maternity Portraits Will Transform Your Business
Casey Dittmer

Sunday, January 17

Dramatic Lighting Using Off Camera Flash
Derrel Ho Shing

Monday, January 18

Practical Applications for Creative Gels - Don’t Be Afraid to Add a Little Color to your Business
Jeff Carpenter

Let’s Make A Profit!
Arica Dorff, Cr.Photog.

Tuesday, January 19

Turning Event Headshots Into the Ultimate Brand Experience!
Dave Kalmbach

Best Light for Your Wedding Portraits
Greg Moment

And more! You can find the rest of the classes in the portrait track on the Imaging USA schedule under General Sessions. Register for Imaging USA 2021, today!