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December 29, 2020

Reach New Heights In Your Career by Networking at the Imaging USA Expo and Main Show

Imaging USA is an incredibly valuable opportunity to connect with fellow photographers from across the country. This year’s show is completely virtual, which means it’s easy (and safe) for anyone to attend! At the Imaging USA Expo, you have the chance to chat with trusted vendors, see their products, and build the relationships that will help your business grow!

Why Network at the Imaging USA Expo?

Personal connections go a long way in the business world. During the Expo, you can check out each vendor’s products and get up-to-date details on their offerings. Take some time to introduce yourself to a vendor through the platform’s chat function. Another way you can engage is to participate in the post-class Q&A’s with Imaging USA speakers. You can also connect with fellow attendees at one of the show’s many networking lounges. 

With all the uncertainty in the world, networking is more important now than ever. The Imaging USA Expo offers you a unique way to introduce yourself and your business to vendors and to build professional relationships with them. Anyone you meet at Imaging USA is more likely to remember you if you share a positive one-on-one interaction.

Maintain Those Connections

Chatting one-on-one with vendors and other attendees during Imaging USA is the perfect way to kick-start a professional relationship. Whether you’re chatting with fellow photographers, speakers, or vendors, you already have one thing in common: you’re both at Imaging USA! This shared experience will help you stand out in people’s minds. After all, Imaging USA only happens once a year, and the 2021 convention will be truly one-of-a-kind. 

After the convention, the best way to ensure that you are bringing lasting relationships into your professional network is to maintain the connections you make at Imaging USA. Keep in touch with fellow PPA members to exchange business advice, camera tips, and more as you continue to grow in your craft. Visit virtual booths at the Imaging USA Expo to find out vendors' contact information so that you can stay in touch after the convention. 

Networking Is Marketing

One of the best ways to market your business is through good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. By chatting with vendors at the Expo and with fellow photographers in the Networking Lounges, you are marketing your business each time you introduce yourself. When they hear the name of your business they’ll learn to associate that name with your friendly demeanor, your thoughtful questions, and your excitement for photography.

Building a network starts with a simple “hello” and soon you’ll have a circle of photographers and vendors to refer to for your future photography needs. If you normally consider yourself an introvert, this year’s digital platform is a great way to interact with photographers and vendors without the hustle and bustle of an in-person convention. 

Keep in mind that when you introduce yourself at Imaging USA, you’re also introducing your business. You’re marketing your professional brand. Even if you don’t own a studio or work professionally, you should still view your networking conversation in this professional context. 

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