Reach New Heights In Your Career By Putting Names To Faces During The Imaging USA 2020 Expo and Main


Reach New Heights In Your Career By Putting Names To Faces During The Imaging USA 2020 Expo and Main

Imaging USA is an incredibly valuable opportunity to meet fellow photographers from across the country. On the Imaging USA Expo floor, you also have the chance to meet hundreds of vendors who are showcasing their products for photographers like you!

Why Network On The Expo Floor?

There’s so much to be said for personal connection in any business. When you aren’t trying out the products available at the Expo or watching product demonstrations, you’ll notice that there are going to be so many photographers on the Expo floor right along with you. Introduce yourself to a vendor. Converse with the speakers. Connect with a fellow attendee or a convention volunteer. Networking is important in every space no matter the situation. When you’re able to put a face to a name with these vendors you’ll form a better working relationship than if you were simply a regular customer of their products. Anyone that you’ll meet on the Expo floor is more likely to remember you if you share a positive face-to-face interaction.

Maintain Those Connections

Talking face to face with your vendors is so much faster than communicating over the phone or online. The impression that you make with every individual you meet will be a great way to begin a business connection whether you’re meeting a speaker, fellow photographers, or vendor. However, impressions will not necessarily lead to clients after the convention. The best way to ensure that you are bringing lasting relationships into your professional network is to maintain your connection with those you meet. Keep in touch with your fellow PPA members to exchange business advice, camera tips, and more as you continue to grow in your craft.

Networking Is Marketing

One of the best ways to market your business is to help it spread by good old-fashioned word of mouth. By networking effectively on the Expo floor you are marketing your business each time you introduce yourself to another photographer, a speaker, or a product vendor. When they hear the name of your business they’ll learn to associate that name with your smile and your handshake.

Building a network starts with a simple “hello” and soon you’ll have a circle of photographers and vendors to refer to for all your photography needs moving forward. If you normally consider yourself an introvert, try to practice a conversation geared toward networking in privacy. It all starts with any other introduction, except when you network you’re not only introducing yourself. Rather, you’re marketing your professional brand. Even if you don’t own a studio or work professionally, you should still view your networking conversation in this professional context. 

Have a great time at the Expo! Remember to register for Imaging USA 2020 before November 6th to grab your early bird discount!