The Copyright Office is Coming to Imaging USA, Answering Photographers’ Questions


The Copyright Office is Coming to Imaging USA, Answering Photographers’ Questions

We’ve known for some time now that the U.S. Copyright Office is on our side as they are supporters of small claims and the Copyright Alliance.

PPA is now very excited to announce that the highest representative of the U.S. Copyright Office—Register of Copyrights Karyn Temple—is coming to Imaging USA! She’ll be speaking during the opening program, Sunday, January 20 at 10am. We are thrilled to have her since she is also exploring and pushing for the modernization of the U.S. Copyright Office (USCO), something that we’ve been advocating for years! She will also be holding a training session for Affiliate Leaders.

Not only that, but the U.S. Copyright Office will have a booth on the Expo Floor. You can stop by and ask questions and get all the information you need straight from the source! Their presence at Imaging USA is a big deal: this is the first time that the USCO is coming to meet face to face, directly, with so many professional photographers under one roof. And we hope that attendees will take advantage of their presence to go talk with them. Their presence at Imaging USA is also a fantastic opportunity for them to get your questions answered right there. You’ll have an amazing chance to ask all the questions you want about the copyright office, the registration process, or to speak up in favor of small claims!

You can experience the opening keynote with an All-Access Pass OR an Expo Only Badge, so be sure to register today and come take advantage of all the copyright content at Imaging USA 2019, as well as BIG opportunities for photography education and fun.