Top 10 Packing Essentials for Imaging USA


IUSA18_SV-Tips_1200x1200_06a.jpgImaging USA is just days away, and whether you like to pack far in advance or throw everything in a bag at the last minute, packing for a trip can be a little stressful. Of course you need the basics like clean clothes, toiletries, and personal items, but there are other essentials you should pack, too. We took out some of the packing guesswork with this checklist of 10 essentials to bring with you to Imaging USA 2018.

  1. Outerwear: You won't ever have to leave the Gaylord Opryland which is kept at a comfortable 70 degrees, but if you WANT to venture out into will be very cold, meaning a coat or jacket will be necessary. It's also a good idea to be prepared for any kind of weather, so a rain jacket would make a smart addition to your suitcase.
  2. Camera: It's a photography convention, so you definitely don't want to leave your camera at home.  Between the hands-on classes and tech accessories available at the expo, you'll want your camera by your side throughout the convention.
  3. 3) Comfy Shoes: Make no mistake, you will be doing LOTS of walking during your time at Imaging USA. There are classes to attend, parties to dance at, and one amazing city to explore, so be sure to break in your shoes before you come. Trust us, your feet will thank you! 
  4. Phone Charger: You don't usually leave home without your phone, so don't leave for a trip without the charger.  While this seems pretty obvious, you don't want to be the one who left your charger plugged into your wall at home.
  5. Refillable Water Bottle: We know there's lots to do while at Imaging USA, so it's easy to forget to STAY HYDRATED! This is so important, and there are tons of places to fill up across the convention center so you'll never go thirsty. 
  6. Business Cards: Part of the fun of Imaging USA is meeting tons of new people! These people can become friends for life or the professional mentor you've been looking for. Building your photographic network is easy when you have business cards to share. 
  7. Semi-Formal Attire: The Award & Degree ceremony, the Grand Imaging Awards, and the official Imaging USA closing party are all good reasons to get dolled up. By no means is formal wear a necessity (well, unless you are going to be receiving a degree), but the option to dress up while having fun is definitely appealing.
  8. Empty Bag: There's lots of swag to be had at Imaging USA, but you'll need another bag to bring it all home in! Bringing a spare bag with you ensures you'll have plenty of space to bring home those extra goodies you've picked up along the way.
  9. Note-Taking Device: Do it the old fashioned way with pen and paper or bring your laptop or tablet. Whatever your note taking style, remember all you've learned at your classes by jotting down notes. 
  10. Hey wait...where's my badge?: If this isn't your first time attending Imaging USA, you may be wondering why you haven't recieved your badge in the mail yet. That's because badges would NOT be mailed but printed on-site at registration this year! Your Imaging USA badge is essential for entering the classes, expo, parties, and basically everywhere else at the convention. If you lose your badge, there is a reprint fee of $25 for the first reprint and $50 for the second one, so keep an eye on your badge!

And there you have it, the top 10 packing necessities for Imaging USA 2018. This list serves as a jumping off point when considering what to pack, and you should definitely consider your specific needs as well. 

We can't wait to see you in Nashville, and if you haven't already, there's still time to register and meet us there, too!