Top 4 Reasons to Connect and Network at Imaging USA


Top 4 Reasons to Connect and Network at Imaging USA

"I just want to shop the trade show and hit a few classes. Do I really need to network? That sounds too much like work."

The short answer is yes! You absolutely need to network and here are 4 reasons why networking is vital (+ a link to a great article to make networking easier):

1. Discover New Opportunities

Talk to the photographers you meet and find out how you can help them. In helping them with their challenges, you may discover unexpected opportunites to grow your own business.

2. It Builds Relationships

Good working relationships in your industry help you get things done. When you are stuck on a problem, you've got people you can turn to whose advice you can trust.

3. It Helps You Understand the Business

Having a network of photographers and vendors with different areas of expertise will help you to better understand your own business better and potentially take your business in new directions. 

4. Paying It Forward

When you are generous in sharing your own talents and knowledge with others it will come back to you in the future. Networking gurus refer to it as "reciprocity effect" or "the virtuous circle."  

And here's that link...

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