Want to Increase Your Print Sales? Visit PRINT for Success Theater At Imaging USA 2020!


Want to Increase Your Print Sales? Visit PRINT for Success Theater At Imaging USA 2020!

Are you struggling with print sales? Maybe you are just now deciding to start offering prints to your clients. Learn how to market your printed products for maximum profitability with the PRINT for Success Theater! This session will be held in 30-minute intervals on the Expo floor at Imaging USA 2020. After these informative sessions, you’ll be able to show your clients the value of printed photography.

These events will be held from Sunday until Tuesday and include helpful sessions such as Easy IPS Workflow with Andrew Funderburg , Using Digital to Sell MORE Prints and Albums with Linda Long, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, Print & Packaging with Ben Tyndell
and many more! Head here for this year’s complete list.

Imaging USA is the time to cultivate your talent and learn how to build a better business through strategy and planning. Here, attendees can build on their profits while growing their passion. The comprehensive sales sessions held during PRINT for Success Theater will greatly enhance your Expo experience by empowering you to communicate the necessity of a product to your client.

The Power of Print 

Completing the sale of print products is only half the battle. The first step is convincing your clients to ditch the digital-only approach and invest in long-lasting printed images. During PRINT for Success Theater, attendees will focus on the consumers’ reliance on technology to store photos on phones and computers instead of on walls or in photo albums and learn how to take them back to the days of print.

Customers began to veer away from print products due to the convenience of computers and phones for photo storage, not because storing photos digitally is better than using print products.

Remind your clients how meaningful physical photographs are in comparison to digital images stored online. Inform your client about Print. The Movement, so they’ll be inspired to savor holiday, family, newborn, and wedding photos in beautiful frames or albums for years to come. Don’t forget to take advantage of Print. The Movement’s resources to incorporate print products into your studio and increase your sales! 

Print Sales: Turn Passion into Profit
Your clients will be thankful for the advice you receive during PRINT for Success Theater. All of your questions about print products will be answered over these three days—these sessions will enable you to see your business in a new light and increase your sales. The best thing for your print products is a genuine conversation with your client about why prints are worth the investment. Your sessions during PRINT for Success Theater will give you the tools that you need to take your print sales to the next level.

"I want for you to have art on your walls, art that happens to be your family."

Allison Tyler Jones, Cr.Photog., CPP & Imaging USA 2020 Speaker

Check out the scheduled events for PRINT for Success Theater and purchase your Expo Pass today for access to PRINT for Success along with everything else Imaging USA 2020 has to offer!