Spend Your Christmas Cash the Right Way…at Imaging USA


Spend Your Christmas Cash the Right Way…at Imaging USA

Now that Christmas is over, don’t go spending your extra cash just yet! The Imaging USA trade show is a perfect time to check everything off your photography wish list. There are over 200 vendors at the Trade Show and you will not want to feel like you have a limited budget while you’re browsing the booths!

Some of the big names on the exhibitor list are Canon, Dell Technologies, Fujifilm North America, and many more. Check out the exhibitors to get yourself hyped for the great gear you’ll be getting hands-on access to at Imaging USA 2020. The Expo is your one-stop-shop for the latest and greatest photo gear.

Some shiny new equipment is exactly what you deserve after a year of hard work in your photography business. Indulge yourself with a new lens or grab that new backdrop for your studio. Your photography wish list should see a lot of love at the Expo just in time to put all your gear to use in the New Year.

Pack light in preparation for Imaging and you’ll have plenty of room for all your new gear from the Expo! Better yet, bring an empty suitcase so you’ll be guaranteed to have ample space for the gear you’ll fall in love with on the Expo floor. 

Another great way to spend your Christmas money is on pre-con classes being offered January 16th-January 18th. There are courses available for every style of photography and every aspect of professional photography that you’re resolving to conquer in 2020. Do you want to start the New Year right by getting studying for your CPP? Check out two 3-day sessions of CPP Prep. CPP Prep Class A is taught by photography masters Kathryn and Gary Meek, M. Photog. Cr., CPP, API. CPP Prep Class B is taught by Cris Duncan, M. Photog. M. Artist. Cr., CPP. You’re in good hands with these CPP instructors!

Maybe your top goal for 2020 is to take on the International Print Competition. Look no further than “The Addiction of the Print Competition. Don’t Say No!” taught by Amy Feick, M. Photog. Cr., CPP and Carl Caylor, M. Photog. Cr., CPP. This course is designed to walk you through every type of print competition that PPA offers. Take a chance on something new, or if you’ve competed in the International Print Competition before and want to get an edge on your competition. 

The editing process is constantly evolving with companies like Adobe releasing new versions of their software to keep up with the competition. Sign up for Julieanne Kost’s “Expand Your Creativity With Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Spark, and Portfolio” for a deep dive into these Adobe programs to learn how you can make them work to your advantage. As Digital Imaging Evangelist Director for Adobe Systems, Kost knows what she’s talking about. Get to know these programs as Kost passes along her tips and tricks. 

Check out the Imaging USA speaker schedule to review all the other pre-con education classes being offered in the 3 days leading up to the official start of Imaging USA 2020. Let 2020 be your “yes!” year for all your career improvement opportunities as a professional photography--you won’t regret Imaging USA. Register for Imaging USA if you haven’t already, don’t miss the party!