Why Imaging USA? Here are Photographers’ Answers!


By Autumn Rice


Imaging USA is so close that we can barely stand the wait! While some of you know how life-changing the convention experience can be for professional photographers, new comers may not know what to expect. Aside from the parties and fun Imaging USA provides education, network, and inspiration that change the outlook on professional photography for many attendees, like you!

Here's a testimonial from PPA member Karen Langley Bentley on the impact Imaging USA has had on her photography and her business.

"For those of you who are/have been speakers... While some attendees might take your words with a grain of salt... There are some whose whole career is changed. In 2013 I was running my business single handedly while working a day job. My husband worked a crappy factory job on swing shift and honestly our family was suffering. At imaging 2013 in Atlanta I brought my husband along for company even though he didn't have any interest in photography. While I was at a maternity class he decided to "just go sit in some other class". He ended up in Jerry Ghionis` class. When we met back up afterwards he was a changed man. Not only was he taken aback by what a powerful image can do, but one small key on lighting illuminated the world of photography to him. I was in disbelief but that very same year my husband became the lead photographer of our business and was able to quit his awful factory job. We have both been full time photographers ever since. We have made mistakes but we have sustained our family and our bills through photography alone. That never would have happened if he hadn't ended up in that class. YOU GUYS MAKE A DIFFERENCE."

"We took many business classes, but we also attended classes by some of our idols. We were the creepy couple wanting selfies with you guys. The reason we wanted those selfies is because you have inspired us majorly in one way or another. One day when we are speaking at Imaging USA (and yes that's a goal of ours) we want to look back and say "this guy changed my life, my business, and yours can change too." We had an awesome time and learned so so much. Thank you all so much for the knowledge and inspiration!"

Imaging USA is an unlimited source of encouragement for photographers to achieve their photography goals, improve their work and build better businesses. If photography is your dream, make it a reality with all of the opportunities at Imaging USA. Imaging USA 2017 will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX from January 5-10. Visit ImagingUSA.org/Register to get your all-access pass to be a part of the world's largest pro-photography convention!

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