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3-Day All-Access Pass - $59

  • Includes all classes and events January 17-19
  • Add pre-con classes to this option for an extra fee
  • Students and Life Members are free

Pre-Con Only

  • *$49 per class for all regular pre-con classes, January 14-16
  • *Or $219 for the 3-Day CPP Prep class, January 12-14
  • Does not include main conference classes and events, January 17-19

Join & Go

  • *$27.92/month or $323/year
  • Join as a new Full PPA member and get a full year of PPA benefits, PLUS free All-Access Passes to both Imaging USA 2021 and 2022
  • Must remain a Full, Active Member through January 2022 to receive free pass to Imaging USA 2022
  • Add pre-con classes to this option for an extra fee

Cancellations & Refunds: You may cancel your registration at any time until the first day of the event and receive a full refund.

Disclaimer: Professional Photographers of America (PPA) reserves the right to make program and schedule changes, additions, or cancellations as it deems necessary. 

Photography/Videography Release: As a condition of my appearance or attendance at Imaging USA or any related event, I expressly grant PPA permission to capture images of me and to use those images for the purposes of recording and reporting on this event and for use in promoting events and that such uses shall not impose any liability on PPA or entitle me to any compensation for the use of my likeness.

Use of Personal Information: PPA will contact you to send you information relating to Imaging USA and its events; By registering for this event, you authorize PPA to subscribe you to its newsletters or contact you for marketing purposes via email, social media, digital ads, post, and telephone.