18 For 2018: The 18 Things You Need To Thrive In Your Business For 2018

Carrie Wildes

Carrie Wildes, Cr.Photog., CPP

Session Time: Jan 13th 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Bayou E Room, Delta Mezzanine, Level M
Track(s): 1 Day Pre-Conference Training: Saturday, January 13, 9:00am - 5:00pm, Business, Wedding


There is no secret quick fix to being a successful wedding photographer. It's all about putting in sweat equity and gaining the experience and expertise. In this course, wedding photographer and business owner, Carrie Wildes, will share with you 18 pearls of wisdom that will change your business and your life. Some of these are big and some are small, but they are all actionable items that you can take home and implement immediately. Learn how to better communicate with your clients and discover how to improve your workflow. Carrie discusses the importance of work/life balance and to create this for yourself. You’ll even learn the importance of stepping out and exploring how you can give back through your business.  Start with photography and discover how this all translates into the bigger picture of living life to the fullest. This course will make 2018 your best year yet!

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