Program / 5 Things to Consider when Photographing People of Varying Skin Tones
Petronella Lugemwa
Petronella Lugemwa
Session Time: Jan 18th 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm EST
Track(s): Portrait, Technique, Wedding


Petronella Lugemwa is a storyteller, speaker, educator and Creative Director of Petronella Photography, a destination photography studio based in the New York area that creates specializes in celebrating multicultural love, culture & family stories and believes that what makes you different makes you beautiful.  

In this presentation, she’ll share tips & considerations for before, during and after a shoot tips to consider when photographing couples of different skin tones to ensure their skin tone is respectfully celebrated and accurately represented.  You’ll have the opportunity to work with live models to experience, implement and practice Petronella’s tips.  

The 3 key takeaways that attendees will learn:

  • What questions to ask to understand your couple’s skin tone needs
  • How to position couples of different skin tones relative to the background
  • How to observe how light impacts client skin tones