Creating High End Virtual Groups

Wes Kroninger

Wes Kroninger

Session Time: Jan 18th 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm
Track(s): Portrait, School, Sport, Event, Technique


Why shoot composite groups? In this session, Wes will show you the benefits of shooting for composite group images. Our goal is to take the virtual team image from a specialty product to a replacement for the traditional group image and to do this we must understand the benefits and limitations that go along with virtual group images. From sports to schools and even corporate groups, we will discuss how group composites and high-end graphics help business owners solve some of the most consistent difficulties that arise in any kind of group photo situation. We’ll discuss marketing strategies, techniques and the overall process of photographing composites. If you’ve ever wondered what moving away from a traditional group photo model to a composite group model would do for your business, you don’t want to miss this session.

In photography time is money so the goal is to always get great images as efficiently as possible. This demo will illustrate how shooting for team composites helps to streamline the photographic process. Wes will demo how simplified lighting can result in dynamic imagery and show tips on shooting for quality extractions as well as working with your subjects, posing, preplanning, and how to create a perfectly balanced virtual team image. If you’ve ever wanted to sneak inside of a volume composite photo day to see how it works then please take a peak.

Key Takeaways are:

  1. How to properly pose for virtual group photos.
  2. How to get great lighting on your subjects with minimal gear.
  3. Photographing with extractions in mind

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